Stove Pipes and Chimneys from Country Kiln

If your home currently has no chimney, or your chimney was historically half removed from at the top or the bottom it is possible to have a new chimney installed, along with Country Kiln wood burning and multi fuel stoves, in a cost effective manner. Stove chimneys can be silver, brown, black, green or any other colour required.  

A ball park, no obligation, quote for either parts only or supply and installation can be given within minutes of chatting your requirements through with Sue who designs chimney systems at Wood Burning Stoves Ltd. Stoves installation and Chimney installation or chimney repair can be organised in all UK regions. 

If happy with the estimate the next part of the process would be to come back with several simple measurements thus enabling Sue to design a stove chimney flue system specific to your home. This would enable an exact figure on the cost of parts to be given.  

Where no chimney exists or where a chimney has been removed at the top or bottom Sue designs a chimney speciffically for your requirements. 

If choosing the self build option you will be supplied with stove flue pipe to build a chimney for your home, a drawing of how the stove pipe is assembled for your chimney, a parts lists and both written and verbal instructions on how to self build your chimney. Delivery is under one week. Were you to run into build problems our usual routine would be to instruct and assist you more, if however, you decide you do not wish to complete the build of your chimney we do not simply leave you unaided, even if you have opted for the self build option initially. We can send a stoves installer to complete the stoves installation or chimney installation no matter where you are in the UK. This generally only happens once each year. Most customers are able to complete their self build chimney. 

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